Experience, design and code

With my broad set of skills and deep understanding of usability, I approach design in a holistic way to create experiences that are both functional and beautiful. Learn more about what makes me unique.


The Apex M800 Experience: A Case Study

Read about my journey designing the user experience and interface design for the Apex M800 keyboard to get insight into my design approach. I was the lead designer on this project from start to finish. 

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mLevel Customer Personas

Interviews, Content, Design

Through interviews with experts and customers, I created insightful personas that unified the driving motivations of key mLevel users across diverse industries.

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Rival Mouse UI

Wireframes, Personas, Pattern Library, UI Design

The Rival interface was the foundation of the Engine 3 app. I designed this screen so that components could be easily recycled for future products with minimal design and development work. I also set the precedent of creating unique and informative visuals to communicate the purpose of controls.


Macro Editor

Wireframes, Prototype, UI Design

When I began this project, I did a competitive analysis and saw that other macro editors had a lousy design. Users were swamped with a plain text list of keystrokes, button clicks, and numbers. I saw this as an opportunity to do something new and better. The linked bubbles visual in addition to smart interactions allows users to create and edit macros much faster.


Siberia Elite Headset UI

Wireframes, Pattern Library, UI Design

The Siberia was the second product added to Engine 3. As with the Rival, this interface was designed to be recycled, and the controls were represented in visually descriptive ways.


Stratus Controller UI

Wireframes, UI Design

The Stratus interface needed to be designed and developed quickly, but it was also the first controller customization interface in our software. I quickly iterated through sketches and rough wireframes, which communicated enough information for developers to start working while I refined the experience and visuals.


UX Artifacts

I can only post finished interfaces here due to NDA restrictions on my work, but please reach out to me if you would like to see examples of wireframes, prototypes, sketches or other artifacts.