My path to UX / UI design

It started in high-school, when I made websites for fun and also happened to excel in an AP Psych class. While visiting DePaul University as a prospective student, I learned that my interests intersected in a field called Human-Computer Interaction. I went on to obtain my B.S. in Interactive Media and my M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul. I studied usability, user research methods, and iterative design. The program was rounded out with classes in animation, game design, psychology, and application development. While still in grad school, I started my professional career working for a digital agency as a Front-End Developer. Since obtaining my Masters, I've held the position of User Experience Designer with a variety of tech companies including a hardware manufacturer, a L&D software provider, and an automotive company.


Creative work + volunteering

I love finding ways to help others with my special skills. I'm assisting The Women's Center of Southeastern Michigan with some updates to their website - the online intake form I whipped up was so successful that they needed to add a new counselor to the team to handle all the incoming clients. As a volunteer for Natural Area Preservation of Ann Arbor, I do ecological monitoring and restoration, and I lead and educate volunteers at work days in the parks. Since 2014, I've participated in a Chicago-based comic project called Ladies' Night Anthology, which gives writers and artists an opportunity to learn about making comics in a friendly environment. At first I was a contributor, but now I fill various roles including educator. I'm also helping to revitalize the Detroit chapter of Lesbians Who Tech + Allies - a wonderful, inclusive, badass community where LGBTQ* folks in STEM can learn, network, and make friends. When I'm not doing these things, I enjoy knitting, drawing, photography, hand-lettering, and dying my hair beautiful rainbow colors. During my less productive hours, I play with two very small, very silly dogs and I read many books.